Are you looking after You?


How are You?

Are you looking after You?

After speaking to numerous clients I am realising more and more that we really are not taking good care of ourselves.

What have I eaten today? In general, is my diet healthy and nourishing?

Have a think –

How much water have I drank today, its extremely warm outside have I taken enough hydrating fluids?

Have a think about your emotional self –

What are your stress levels like at the moment?

When did you last do something kind for yourself..

Do you take time out to relax, 

Or just sit with yourself..

Have you considered yoga or pilates for stretching and suppleness.

When did you last experience a relaxing treatment?

Massage for tired, aching muscles

Reflexology for insomnia, anxiety, depression or just complete re-balancing and relaxation.

Is your skin in need of  uplifting, brightening.

Take a few moments to ask yourself if you are really giving the love and care to your body and mind that you truly deserve.

Sending you warm wishes

Nancy x